Duo Enabled for Box

Duo Required for Box Off-Campus Access

Duo authentication is required to access Box from off-campus for all faculty and staff. If you have not enrolled in Duo, click the How-To Tutorials for instructions.

Important Notes:

  • Only faculty and staff are required to authenticate with Duo. This change will not impact access for students or external collaborators. Box Shared Links are not affected by this implementation.
  • Choose a convenient Duo authentication option.
    • Send Me a Push (preferred) is recommended for smartphones or tablets. On your registered device, you will be prompted to tap the "Accept" button.
    • Call Me is recommended for basic cell phones or landlines. Answer the call and listen to the instructions to authenticate.
      Check the "Remember me for 7 days" option. This allows you to authenticate once, and not have to do so again for 7 days on the same computer/device/browser.
  • If you access LMU Box using the following options, you may be asked to logout and login to verify your identity. 
    • Box app on your mobile devices
      Box Drive
      Box integration on Office 365 and Acrobat DC