Digital Signage

ITS can help you improve your communication and public spaces with Digital Signage. You can display announcements upcoming events, student work, or other important information though text, pictures, and video.

What Is Digital Signage?

A digital sign is a TV hung in a public space and connected to a program that allows you to run a slideshow of images and/or video. It's basically an electronic version of a bulletin board. 

How Do I Get Digital Signage?

The easiest way to get digital signage is to contact the ITS Service Desk at 310-338-7777 (x7777 on campus) or A ticket will be opened in your name, and someone from Creative Services will contact you with information and next steps. 

Who Runs Digital Signage?

Creative Services will help you purchase and install a digital sign. Once it's up and running, the department for which it was purchased administers the sign. If you run into problems with digital signage, contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance at 310-338-7777 (x7777 on campus) or

How Much Does Digital Signage Cost? 

The cost of each digital signage installation differs depending on the size and placement of the monitor, so a consultation is recommended.